Saturday, 2 January 2010

SEO Basic Steps - Part 4

Over the past month I have talked about my current techniques to optimize sites. Although I am no expert I have gained proven results in generating content this way. This is the 4th part in the series and will cover the remaining topics, these being:
  • Submit to Search Engines
  • Submit To Directories
  • Purchase Additional Domains
  • Wait For Results

So, lets get started with the first point.

Submit to Search Engines

Although the spiders will find a site eventually its always a good idea to help them along. The idea is to point them to your site and using the sitemap we generated in the last article, we can tell the spiders exactly where to look.

Google makes this simple for us using their webmaster tools. Sign into this and add the file to your site and google know where to view the items. You can then submit a sitemap to the system and your site will eventually get found. Remember though, this is not an instant win solution, your site might be in what google refers to as the sandbox, an area where they are still unsure of your site but will not release it to the wide world in case it has errors.

Bing has a similar solutions for their webmaster tools, allowing you to submit a sitemap to their spiders. Other, less advanced search engines are still done the old fashioned way. A quick method to fix these issues is to use a submission service. These simply submit your site to the engines quicker and allow for their spiders to search your site. A product called Web CEO will allow you to perform this quickly and easily and also view your rankings using other tools.

All these are simple to complete but do not overlook the smaller engines! What if someone has an ask toolbar? if you haven't submitted your pages, it won't get found!

Directory Submissions

The main aim of submitting to directories is to get simple back links to your site. Google See's a back link as a vote for the site so the more you have, the better the ranking (in a simplistic way) so the more you get,the better.

A simple way to do this is to use a directory submission service. These will fill the forms in for a fee and allow you more time to sit about. You can do this manually. If you Google for directories, you will get a vast list. Simply pick some and submit your details of your site. Make sure you go for a lot of the directories since maybe 10% will actually get indexed and found, but a backlink is always useful just in case.

If you are a local business, there are thousands of local directories which you should use. Search engines are moving more towards local searches and returning results with geo-tag information. So, the more location specific you submit too, the more chance you have of getting people to visit your site.

Additional Domain Names

If you have a promotion on a specific item such as free SEO, then it is helpful if you can purchase the domain name, or etc. If they are available that is!

The aim of this is to give people a chance to find your site based on an advertising campaign or a search term. Since the site for example, should contain information on sheep, search engines will return this first since the content should be relevant, get the correct domain name, and people will flock to your site.

That's all my tips so far for generating traffic, I will come up with more and add them to this blog, but currently, these are the current ones I am using. Now its time to sit back and wait for the traffic to come to your site.



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