Monday, 4 January 2010

Deep Link Generation

Since we are all well aware that links are the key to decent traffic to a website, then deep linking will allow a site to link to specific articles which are of relevance.

If you were to link to a specific page constantly, say then the search engines would begin to think, hmm, there must be something on this page, lets take a look at that single page.

Now, should you decide to do deep linking, then each link will point to a specific item. From a human point of view, this is more natural since when you say, have you seen x on the news pages and send a specific link, it shows that you should be looking at that item. If you just say its on a news site, your pointing to the front page and leaving it to chance that someone will find it, you want a specific person to get to a specific page.

Search engines also like this technique. If you get 50 links to different pages on your site, not only have you got 50 links to your main domain, but also the search engines see your site as having relevant content and thus more important.

S0 the next time you are building backlinks to your site, point to specific pages and this will increase your ranking. For more information, take a look at this blog.

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