Friday, 11 September 2009

Google PageRank, An SEO Experiment

Just been looking around for information on how to up a Google PageRank to make sure I am doing the correct things and came across a site called

The idea behind it is that people link to the site and they link back to your site in order to increase the PageRank. Once the ranking hits 10 they are donating the domain to whomever has the most referrals.

It’s a good idea for all concerned I think, firstly as an SEO experiment, it will be quite interesting to have a page ranked as 10 and how long it takes for that to happen. From a marketing point of view, you are getting a back link for a highly ranked domain which will provide added weight to your pages.

Its well worth a look and read and its worth adding your domain to get the back links.

Increase your page ranking

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