Thursday, 10 September 2009

Directory Submissions for Back Links And SEO

Recently I have undertaken a project for basic SEO for a customer. Its nothing too fancy compared to the thousands of pounds that some companies charge but it’s a fair amount and so I have directed a large proportion of my time to doing so.

My basic plan was to look over the site and make sure that all the wording was meaningful and related to the company. I also added some geo tag information, checked over the keywords in the meta header (although people say it doesn’t help, older engines may still use this method) and then begin the process of getting back links to the site.

This customer has many related customers on their site already so we asked them to get in contact so we can provide relevant link text to their website in order to generate back links. I also wanted to add the company to directories such as the local business ones to provide simple free back links.

Having done this before I noticed it too an age to start to add them to sites and I figured their must be a simple way of doing this. I began looking for a free tool to do this work but as always, these are hard to come by and the ones that are top of the list cost a fair amount and I didn’t have a guarantee that they did exactly what I wanted.

My next option occurred by me thinking that some of these larger SEO companies can’t employ staff at £6 plus an hour to enter the sites into directories, there must be a company who just specialises in this? So looking in Google I came across a company called Directory Maximizer. The idea behind them is that they take your submission details and put them into over 1200 directories in order to generate the back links.

Being in the UK I did think that these pages would be quite USA specific but there are a few sites which are UK based directories so that helps a lot. I also figured that if I add my clients pages to 1200 directories, it’s a lot faster than me doing the same thing manually and since they do it day in day out I would say they know what they are doing.

Reading further into their site, for a cost of $0.14 per directory they will submit it and for an additional $0.02 per directory they will handle the email you get back to confirm the submission. Since it is a paid site I thought a lot of the directories would be useless but the list is freely available on their site so you can do it yourself if you like.

I signed the website up and paid for the full listing, it took the company about a week to complete all my submissions and the ones that failed, I got a refund on which is good of them. It will probably take about 90 days for all of them to go through but I will keep you updated on how they do. So far, it has increased the number of back links to the site and in time (when Google stop messing with the UK rankings) will help my customers site.

Anyway, for anyone who wants to do a mass directory submission, its well worth a look to consider if it is right for your web site.

Directory Maximizer, Automated Directory Submissions
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