Sunday, 7 February 2010

Generate Backlinks FAST!

I've been looking into how people generate backlinks and there appears to be 2 ideas. The ones which people spend ages creating high quality backlinks and the ones who just go for any link as long as its fast.

Now, I wouldn't be doing my job correctly if I didn't look at getting the most traffic for the least work so I have been looking at how to speed up the creation of backlinks. This is from using software, reciprocal links and link exchange sites and they all have flaws, these being, they cost to use and I wouldn't say they offer any benefits.

Looking at some backlinks software first. These are on the whole USELESS! I have never seen a collection of programs which blind people into using them for no benefit. I wouldn't be surprised if they contain an absolute load of spyware either (I used a virtual machine to test these, am not that daft).

My biggest problem with these is they possibly do work, but there are so many steps to go through in the worst interfaces I have used and the ones which are fairly normal, they charge you for the use of this. I have never spoken to anyone who has generated a backlink using this method which has helped their site.

The other 2 methods of reciprocal links and link exchanges don't help either, I remember reading that if google finds a link back to your site then it won't count. This could be due to the fact they don't want people paying for links and this would be a way to do this.

My final word on this is that all of these build links fast methods, even if they work, they will not help. If you build backlinks too fast then you will get dropped from the SERPs, because it looks like a site which has no value but to generate backlinks as fast as possible. Regardless of quality, if something shows up that fast promising the earth, its not going to help.


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