Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Google's "Real Time Search"

Today Google has started to launch its real time search results. These are scrolling results displaying the latest information using some sort of AJAX postback so they are automatically updated. The results are appearing in the middle of the serps and there quite interesting to watch.

I am not sure how google selects which results to show and I am sure these facts will come out within time but to actually see real time information is an amazing achievement.

If you can't see the real time news then it might be worth checking out one of Google's other latest tools, google trends. I blogged about this a few weeks back and it allows you to compare items to what was happening at a point in time. Although, its now gone live and shows what people are currently looking for on the internet.

Select a keyword from the trends site (see links) and type it into google. You should be able to view the latest results in a pannel about half way down the rankings. Apparently, to get them to show if you add &esrch=RTSearch to the end of your results they will appear. I've not tried this though.

I hope there is some sort of checking to see the relevance of posts on this system else it is open to abuse from the black hat SEO community pushing sites which have nothing to do with the content just to get a link.

Anyways, its worth checking this out, its quite a landmark in search engine terms (well, for me it is anyway)



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